We recently introduced you to the main features of Educa’s Learning Statements in our ‘How to Guide for Learning Statements’. We still have more to share though! Like all tools on Educa, the Learning Statements feature is built in a way that is flexible to your requirements.

This is the second article of a two part series, so you can read part one here:  http://blog.geteduca.com/home/introducing-educa-learning-statements

In the first article we created a Learning Statement using an existing template. In this article we’ll take you through some simple steps on how to create your own unique Learning Statement template for your service (this is an administrator feature only).

We also have a helpful video here:  https://vimeo.com/180687406

Open Your Learning Statements Page

1. Select the Centre tab and then ‘About Us’.

2. Select the Learning Statements option; this will open in a new page.

Create Your Learning Statement Template

1. This is where you manage the Statement Templates for your site.

2. Create a new template by clicking Add Template.

3. Edit the name of your statement here and select Done.

4. The Educator’s Sections include all sections of the form which the Educators need to fill out. Via the Add Section button, you can add structure to your form.

5. Edit the name of the section here.

6. Here are the questions or headings that belong to this section. Circled is where you would click to edit this question/heading. 

7. There is also the option to turn a question on or off via the checkbox.

8. Specify the type of answer you want using this dropdown menu.

9. Click here to add a new question.

10. The Parent’s Sections include all sections of the form which the Parents can fill out.
Similar to the steps above, you are able to edit the section name again here.

11. To add a new section for the parents, simply click “Add Section”.

12. Now that the template is built, simply select the save button.

13. When you are ready to start using the new template, simply turn it on here.

Now that your Learning Statement Template is complete, you’re ready to go!

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