Educa Adds Student User & Google Access For Schools and OSHCs

Students Can Now Share Their Own Stories

Educa has become a popular choice for schools and OSHCs in Australasia as a platform for sharing samples of learning with parents, as well as for its teacher portfolio and mentoring capabilities.

Now we have added a unique student user login.

This allows student to create their own stories  — with text, images, videos and file uploads — that can then be:

  • Shared and approved by a teacher
  • Linked to curriculum goals or objectives
  • Shared with parents for comments
  • Saved to a student portfolio

This feature saves time for teachers and gives students more ownership of the work their parents see and which goes into their portfolios.
Note, we have created a locked down version of Educa for students. They cannot see features that are for teachers.

Google Drive Access

As part of this upgrade in Educa for schools, we have also added your Google Drive to your file upload options.  You can download images from your Google Drive, documents taken from Google will come into Educa as PDFs.

Educa For Schools and OSHC

Educa is already an effective solution for schools.

“We’ve tried a number of options for sharing learning and engaging parents and Educa is by far the best… You can quickly and easily add links to curriculum and key competency goals, and families can also post learning stories. Most important of all — our parents love it and are engaged in their child’s learning.”

Karen Tabuteau,  Primary School

And Educa has also been adopted by after school services.

“Parents are able to access information about the curriculum” (MTOP, and others) and see how the OSHC Philosophies operate in practice. We use the policy area (in Educa) to upload all our service policies such as sun-smart, behavior management policy, fees etc.  Educa is a simple effective way to collect and display children’s learning and involvement in the OSHC program.”
Kellie Symons, Concordi OSHC

To learn more about how Educa’s student user works, click here.  Learn more about Educa for schools here.

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