Confirming Powerful Frameworks in Educa

Applying Wendy Lee’s “Big Narrative” – Demo Video

In Wendy Lee’s recent webinar on Recognising Powerful Frameworks – watch it here – Wendy refers to the big narratives, the big picture, and how learning stories can fit together to confirm that big narrative.

This 2-minute video shows how stories can be linked to tell a bigger story in Educa. You can do this by creating an individual plan to articulate the big picture ideas, then individual learning stories created and linked back to that plan.

Learning stories are formative assessments that can stand alone or can be woven together to paint a bigger picture to help construct a learner identity.

Revisiting and retelling these stories by printing them out and collecting them in a child’s portfolio helps create and confirm the narrative.

To see Educa in action, request a private demo here.

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