Ok I admit it. I love blowing bubbles with small people. Probably even more than they do. The squelch of the bubble mix. The swish of the bubble wand. The magic when bubbles appear. Watching those rainbow spheres floating. Chasing after the bubbles. The wet pop when the bubbles break. What’s not to love?

Bubbles are for all ages. Babies blow them. Children love them. Adults remember loving them as a child. They’re even recommended as an activity for people with Alzheimers. Maybe bubble memories last when others fade.

Besides being immense fun, there is a whole list of developmental skills being worked on when children are blowing bubbles.

The Science of Bubbles

Bubbles are air trapped inside a hollow liquid ball. The rainbows visible in bubbles come from light reflecting on the surface of the bubble. Bubbles float up because warm air is lighter than cold. If the air blown into the bubble is warmer than the air around it, the bubble will float up.

But enough of that – let’s get started!


1. The Best Bubble Mix Recipes ever!

There are a lot of claims for the best bubble mix recipe ever

TIP: Some recipes recommend leaving the mix to set for at least a day.

Here’s what you’ll need…

2. Bubble Wands

You can buy them…

You can make them…

The COOLEST homemade bubble wands by Toddler Approved
The COOLEST homemade bubble wands by Toddler Approved


Or maybe you’ll be needing a GIANT bubble wand

Source: HappyHooligans
Source: HappyHooligans


Finally, head outside for…

3. Bubble Games

Bubble ART

Spread out some paper on grass/concrete/tarpaulin. Use a teaspoon of tempera paint in the bubbles and try to catch the bubble so it pops on the paper.

Bubble FLOAT

Get 2-3 children to blow bubbles upwards. Then get the others to lightly blow the bubbles. They should fly in all directions. The aim of the game is to see how long the bubbles can stay in the air. Swap bubble blowers when all bubbles have popped

Body Part Bubble Pop:

Blow bubbles. Use different body parts to pop them. Try your nose, elbow, knee or forehead, for starters.

So there you go – Bubble Magic – easy as 1 – 2 – 3

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