Make Beautiful Learning Stories – Online and Print

Educa Announces Story Editor and Print Tools

“I don’t use Publisher anymore. The editor and print options are great!”

To help make beautiful learning stories even easier to create, Educa has released a significant update to its story editor. And to make Learning Stories worthy on paper of being put on a wall, added to a child’s folio or sent home in a backpack, Educa has add tools to help users print stories they are proud of.

Many users are attached to their publishing tools so that they can creates stories on paper that are visually appealing to families and to children. Educa took this to heart and has worked hard in this update to replicate a lot of functionality of Publisher or Word online, and in the print options.

A lot of love goes into Learning Stories, the presentation online and on paper should reflect that emotion. And we think our new edit and print tools deliver on that promise. The story editor uses smart image sizing, background colors, expanded print options and a number of other refinements to make story creation simpler, quicker and more powerful.  Beautiful Learning Stories – online, in print or downloaded as a PDF.


Open, Flexible Layouts Without Blocks

Educa users like the blank canvas aspect of our prior editor. You can put pictures of any size anywhere on the page.  But it was sometimes frustrating. Text would get in the way or images wouldn’t align or movement was unpredictable

Our response was not to move to a block editor to improve predictability, as that approach limits layouts and in the end is a straight jacket that does not suit the magic of early learning. And so we developed our own editor, an approach that automatically resizes images depending on where you put them, making them always aligned and matching in size – as expected.

Here is a sprinkling of the endless layouts and formats that are now possible without breaking a sweat!

Why It’s A Smart Editor

Arranging images has never been easier!  If you want to add images down one side, our smart editor will automatically resize the images to keep it looking sharp. When you add images to a row, the other images will resize to adjust. Ditto if you remove an image, the other images will enlarge.

  • Simple click or tap to move interface
  • Swap out images without disturbing the formatting
  • Add borders
  • Edit images – flip, change tones, crop, etc.


Customer Feedback

Our customers have been enthusiastic about the changes.  Our new editor allows them to be creative and express all the emotion they feel for their children in so many different ways and in only a few moments.

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