To help educators plan and share a child’s learning with their family, we are excited to announce a new Planning feature. We know that documenting a child’s learning goals and plans is an important part of their learning journey at your early childhood education service so we’re making it even easier for you.


Supporting Your Existing Processes

Using Educa’s new fully customisable Planning tool, you can recreate any of your existing documentation digitally. You can use the Planning tool to create templates for individual learning goals, group or class plans, or strategic goals. This feature enables you to easily engage families with their child’s plans by being able to link them to the learning stories and observations you post.

Learn all about Educa’s new Planning Tool in our step-by-step guide here.

Promote Parent Engagement and Shared Learning

The internet is an empowering communication tool, which is why it’s so valuable to be able to create your planning documentation online.

Educa’s new Planning tool promotes a shared approach to learning between educators and families. Parents will be able to follow and engage in the progress of a plan when you link it to their child’s learning stories and observations.

Parents can also provide feedback and insights on a plan by leaving a comment. All you need to do is click “share” to get them to take a look. No more missed communication and paper trails! Plus your plans will be all the better because you will have insights from parents in your planning cycle.

Try setting up a new plan now, and let us know how you go in the comments!

Read more about how to set up new Plan templates here

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