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Less Paper, More Collaboration, Efficiency & Sharing of Best Practice

While Educa is a robust documentation platform, we know there’s still a lot of paper at your centre. Our just-released, multi-faceted Forms builder addresses this need.

It aims to significantly reduce paper as well as bring all the other advantages of being online – easy to share and collaborate, everything in one place, and convenient anytime, anywhere access.

mutliple choice form questionAnswer formats – text, single choice, multiple choices, more

In Educa a “form” is an online document you create, share and fill out online. Use text, multiple choice and other formats to create any kind of document you’d like. Control who can view and edit a form, you can even control who can answer any given question, and you can save and print as a PDF when needed.

Forms can attach to a child, a teacher and/or be available for a center as a whole.

Keeping You Organised

Our form builder will help you collaborate, share and save time in three main areas:

  • Program cycle — incoming screening, parent home routine questions, IEPs, incident reports, assessments, transition statements
  • Professional development – teacher appraisals, professional plans, self reviews
  • Service quality– accreditation or quality checklists, strategic plans, meeting minutes, hazard reports, parent questionnaires, etc.

We have created a number of starter forms based on customer requests.  No doubt, you will come up with more of your own ideas!

Here’s what the Forms module looks like. You’ll find it under Tools tab on Educa.

It has a sleek design in a vertical format so that it is easy to use on your phone.

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early education formsChild Centered

Any form related to a child is automatically stored in and accessed from the child’s profile.  This allows everything about a child to be in place.

We have “child forms” which are the one-off and admin forms, and “child milestones” for educational assessments and tracking that occurs over time.

You might have incoming questionnaires or screening for new children, home routine surveys, an IEP, private medical checklists, assessments, transition to school statements.

Share with parents, don’t share with parents, share with all teachers, some teachers or don’t share and keep it private.

Teacher Development

Teachers can also be a form subject, meaning forms related to a teacher attach to a teacher’s profile in Educa. These forms can be private, seen only by the form subject teacher or can be configured to allow access by other teachers and staff.

We have added a few starting form template ideas – teacher appraisal, individual professional development plans – but other ideas spring to mind such as teacher observation notes and HR questions.

Mass Edit & Managing The Many

Create or fill in a form for a number of children from the Active Forms page.  Enter common information before publishing to each individual profile.  Or copy a form used for one child to add more children, or copy another teacher’s form, if you are given access.  This might be especially handy for admin forms that have a lot of common class information, for instance.

There are also forms that have no subject, for center wide issues.

IEP as early education formProgram Cycle

Educational needs that arise might include:

  • IEP’s – you can now add an IEP in Educa, and update as needed
  • Incoming assessments
  • Transition to school statements
  • Child assessments

Educational forms can be accessed and updated from a learning story while you are writing. This allows you to update an assessment or report while it’s on your mind, as you go, and then you can return to finish off the story.

Our popular Planning module still plays a central role in the program cycle, but now you will be able to put all those other items of documentation online, attached to the child’s profile, keeping you super organized.

Supporting Quality Practice

Easy access will enable staff participation in so many areas, and it will help you raise the profile of the aspects of the managing a centre that you most case about. Online visibility makes everybody raise their game. Use centre forms as follows.

  • Collect ideas from staff
  • Plan events together
  • Annual planning
  • Meeting minutes
  • Accreditation and center quality reviews
  • Hazards and other checklists

Getting Started

If you are an Educa customer, you can learn more about forms in our Help Resources here. Try it out and please send us your feedback.

Sign up for a workshop on forms here

If you are thinking about Educa for your center, try us free here.

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