Looking for inspiration to get creative with your learning stories?

Here are a couple of apps for you to try out. First, take a look at this video to see how to use Strip Designer to create comic strip style learning stories. Families will be KAPOWED by the comic adventures of their superhero kids!

Loving comic style Learning Stories?

Check out two more apps you can use for similar style stories. Educa users tell us both of these apps are simple to use and make learning stories POP!

The apps are Comic Life/Comic Life 3* and Pages (for iOS and Mac).
The best way for you to try them out is to have a go with 2-3 images.
Once you’ve created your comic strip head to the knowledge base for detailed instructions on how to upload it to Educa –BAZINGA!  *You can try it free for 30 days

Being able to use 3rd party apps and programs to create and upload learning stories and day journals gives you even more tools for your Educa toolbox.


Just For Fun

While we’re talking comics…how is your superhero knowledge?
Here’s a quick superhero trivia quiz to test your skills!

Do you use any apps to increase the WOW factor of your learning stories?

Share them in the comments now!

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