9 of the Best Parenting Websites for ECE

Parenting websites can have a wealth of information and tips to share with parents. But there are literally thousands of sites out there with varying degrees of authority.

Some parenting websites are full of clickbait headlines with articles that don’t deliver, or have more ads than content. Other sites that claim to be family friendly are more ‘celebrity gossip’ than parenting advice.

So how do you choose which ones to follow or to recommend to families?

Well, the Educa team has been hard at work reviewing sites so we can point you in the right direction by sharing nine of the best parenting websites we think are worth a visit.

Webby Awards – Parenting Websites

1 and 2 both come from the annual WEBBY Awards, which have been ‘honoring the best of the internet’ for 20 years. They have a family/parenting website category in which two winners are awarded – One by the members of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and one by the voting public:

1. Parent Toolkit

The 2016 WEBBY winner was Parent Toolkit . An NBC News – Education Nation production designed as a “toolkit to help you navigate your child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is a parenting website designed to help you track and support progress at each stage.”

Here at Educa what we love about the Parent Toolkit is that the information on it is credible, and that it takes a holistic approach to child development.

2. BabyCenter

The People’s Voice winner  in 2016 was BabyCenter which has won multiple awards for its comprehensive range of topics, tools and resources right from “getting pregnant” through the early years to “big kid” topics . It is part of the Johnson & Johnson ‘family of companies’. It’s easy to see why BabyCenter was a winner, it’s easy to navigate and relevant. Note: there are also several international versions of the site.

3. Fatherly

There is a rise in the number of websites especially for fathers as parenting roles continue to diversify and be recognised as more than a “motherly” domain. Fatherly is aimed at men “who want to be great fathers without turning into cliches”. We think Fatherly does a great job at this. For more fathering resources also see the New Zealand site Great Fathers for Dad’s Toolbox and their Hot Links

4. Parent Co.

Parent Co. is described as “a digital publication for people who are as curious about the world as they are committed to raising great kids.” This parenting website is fabulous for parents who love digesting digital news articles.  It links parenting and children to the world around us.

Their mission statement is encapsulated in their video on the site

5. Raising Children

A comprehensive site for parents from the Raising Children Network (Australia)  supported by the Australian Government, their mission is to “[provide] information that can help parents with the day-to-day decisions of raising children”. Although the content is Australian based, the articles have universal themes from pregnancy to teens – and the articles have practical tips that back up scientific evidence.

6. Parenting

The website for US based Parents Magazine – this parenting website has articles and message boards ranging from pre-natal to preK with a vast range of relevant topics and quality writers. It’s fresh and easy to navigate.

7. All For the Boys

The name might suggest it’s only for half the population but the articles and crafts are worth investigating for all children whatever their gender identification. With articles like encouraging kids to entertain themselves and reviews, travel, activities and more – it’s worth exploring. We liked the technology section – great to see!  And we recommend having a look through the toddler category for some fresh ideas.

8. Well Family

The New York Times started a blog called Motherlode in 2008. Edited by  KJ Dell’Antonia, it developed a large following due to the quality of the articles posted. But in 2016, after deciding the name no longer reflected the vision, it was replaced. Well Family became the new “home for news about parenting” at the NY Times. Understandably, this one looks and feels more like a news site, which might not suit every reader…

9. Cafemom

Cafemom made it to our shortlist because it’s a bit different. It’s a community forum based parenting website where parents can join in conversations covering any topic you could ever think of… Good to counter some of the social isolation stay at home moms can feel – without leaving the couch!  Cafemom also has parenting articles and videos – although it does head a long way down the “entertainment” road with its partner site the stir.

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