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One of the realities of software businesses like ours is customer cancellations, often due to factors not related to the software. For instance, customers close their doors, they sell to larger firms that use a different system or their financial circumstances change and cuts need to be made.

Educa is fortunate to enjoy an almost ZERO cancellation rate, less than 0.4% a month on average. This barely explains the natural changes in our customer base described above, meaning almost no-one leaves because the Educa software no longer meets their expectations.

Here’s why Educa customers are so loyal, why they almost never leave once they start.

1. It’s Addictive

Educators report the positive feedback and engagement they get from parents from the updates they send out is addictive. Because the updates go right to the parents phone, they are read, often immediately. You can’t say the same for emails or paper in back packs.

Teaching is a tough job, and the important role teachers play in moulding the future generation often goes under-appreciated.  And so the positive reinforcement and appreciative comments from parents are welcome, they are sort out and they are addictive.

2. Creates Pride In Your Program

It means a lot to educators and staff to be part of an organization that is professional and well thought of. The professional communications using Educa and the ability to showcase curriculum raises the staff’s pride and belief in the mission and purpose of your center.

3. Puts the Child & Learning Back In The Middle

Educa is organized around each child’s individual page with pre-loaded curriculum one click away. This puts learning, not paper work, at the center of the educator’s day, which fits her professional goals and makes it easier to get up in the morning.

4. Saves Time

No surprise here that putting your center online saves time. By having everything in one place, your staff will save time in record keeping and in parent communications.

5. Helps Enrollment Because Parents Love It

Our customers tell us they always mention Educa to new parent prospects when they visit. Parents immediately see the value, the added service levels and what is says about your center.

6. Collaboration Helps Outcomes

It is hard to prove, but authentic parent collaboration — where parents understand the center educational goals and pick up the thread at home after school — helps learning outcomes. Educa makes this kind of collaboration easy to create, an exciting feature for your educators who are all about better outcomes for their kids.

7. Affordable and Good Value

Educa is a deep software with a bunch of features.  And the reality is, many of our customers do not take advantage of everything Educa could do for them. But Educa is so affordable, that even if they are not using all of it, the value they get from the parts they do use, even if it’s just the messaging center and parent portal, far exceeds the cost of Educa.

And so they stay.


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