5 Parent Tips to Promote Independence

We’re all about sharing knowledge in our Educa learning community. We know we learn better together – even when we’re learning about being independent!

“As educators we are aware that children strive to be independent from an early age. As part of this process it is important for parents to encourage greater independence gradually but genuinely, as

children grow.”

— Caryn Mawkes, Centre Owner – Rockabye


Caryn is the owner/manager of Rockabye Early Learning Centre in Highland Park Auckland.

According to their New Zealand Education Review Office (ERO) report, Rockabye is a very well placed centre where “responsive, reciprocal and respectful relationships are formed with each family. Parents, whānau and children contribute to the curriculum which is responsive to infant, toddlers and young children’s deep interests.”

As part of her commitment to supporting families Caryn is happy to share her professional knowledge with parents – including our Educa community!

Here are 5 of Caryn’s top tips for parents to encourage independence –

1. Help children make decisions by offering them small choices such as what story to read or which t-shirt to wear.

2. Give children age appropriate responsibilities, such as putting away toys or helping you to prepare their lunch box.

3. Involve your children in the weekly shopping by asking them to follow simple instructions, such as “can you fetch me three red apples”, or “can you get the bread from the bottom shelf?”

4. Show enthusiasm when children try to help or want to do it themselves, even if it takes longer.  Recognise any tasks achieved as the accomplishment it is.

5. Praise their ability and be encouraging; it is important for children to believe they are capable of doing things alone.

For more tips read Caryn’s complete article here.