Heart-Led Learning Stories Build Partnerships at UC Santa Barbara

  Voices From The Village – Richard Edward Gonzales, Jr. Richard Gonzales is a lead teacher at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Early Childhood Care and Education Services Center. He has been teaching in ECE for five years and recently led a session at the 2nd Annual SALSA Learning Stories Conference entitled “Voices from the

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The Power of Sharing: Your Families Are Online, Are You?

Share Today’s Progress, Today The families of your early childhood education setting want to have meaningful conversations about their children. And in today’s world to be meaningful, it has to be in real time, as it happens. Is your learning documentation getting the reaction from families you’d hoped for?  Are you using paper or a

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Learning Stories – Why I Joined Educa

A Simple, But Brilliant Idea I wish I could help everyone stay connected by putting Educa in the hands of every parent and educator on the planet. When I first came to Educa – almost 2 years ago – I was introduced to it as a “communication tool.” There are so many platforms out there

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Parenting Without Visibility – My Story

A difficult path made more difficult without sharing I remember well when my son was in preschool. He started in the “twos” program twice a week, moved into the “threes” 5 mornings and then of course the “fours” before entering Kindergarten. As a mom for the first time it was such a huge milestone sending

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Partnering With Parents in At-Home Early Learning

Maintaining Learning Momentum At Home and Center For parents of preschool and younger children, 2020 has been a stressful year. They had trusted that their children’s developmental needs were in good hands, met by capable educators at their child’s early learning center.  Suddenly Covid-19 hits and families find themselves responsible for full-time at-home early learning. That

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Neuro-Nurturing: Deborah McNelis on Child Brain Development

Deborah McNelis is an award winning author of Naturally Developing Young Brains and the Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Series and founder of Brain Insights. She has devoted her life to helping adults make a positive impact on children’s development.  This is a review of her recent webinar with Educa. You ARE Making a Difference Deborah  began her webinar

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