What do teachers love most about the Educa App? We asked three educators, here’s what they said!

1. Supports Evaluation with Statistical graphs.

Kylie Kinnell –  Westown Kindergarten

Click the REPORTS tab to get a world of information. See how interaction with parents is growing using the Parent Engagement Graph or review how the curriculum is being used with the Curriculum Usage Report. Reports easily show educators, administrators, parents and the community where you are achieving success.

2. Yeah post-it’s are gone! No more lost moments because I lost my post-it paper with my learning story on it, straight uploads!

Lelarei Higgins – Te Kohanga Reo o Tuhikaramea

Educa gives you the best of both worlds. Write your story on phone, iPad or computer like Lelarei does and save the paper, the ink and the possibility of losing your notes. Instead upload stories, images and videos to send to parents instantly.  But also, being online and not just an app stories can be printed wherever and whenever – they’re always available if you decide you need to print them.

3. Add your own curriculum! We have a nature-based curriculum with dispositions our primary assessment focus. Simple to set up, simple to use.

Geoff – Open Spaces Preschool 

In the CURRICULUM LIBRARY you have the option to customise or create curriculum. Preschools like Open Spaces need the flexibility to include their own curriculum. Plus we’re adding new curriculum as they are available. If there’s one you think is missing contact our friendly support team

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