Ohio Assessment for ECE

Educa meets assessment requirements
for all Ohio early childhood sites

Educa is a fully-featured Learning Story platform – with linking to the Ohio Early Learning Assessment (ELA) and the DRDP© for Head Start sites.

Ohio has a QRIS program, called Step Up To Quality.

Educa for Step Up To Quality

To meet the highest Step Up To Quality standards – which were updated and simplified substantially in April, 2002 –  sites are required to keep child assessments:

  • Includes these domains: language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional and behavioral.
  • More than one tool can be used.
  • Retain for assessments (or screenings) for each child within 60 days of enrollment and annually thereafter.
  • Results are to be communicated with the families.

These assessments requirements can be can be met in Educa using Learning Stories linked to the Ohio ELA, called Ohio Approaches Toward Learning Development Standards.  

The Learning Stories (with linking) are shared with families and save to the child’s portfolio where it can be accessed as needed.

Using Learning Stories is a way to make the assessment process helpful to teachers – helping them better understand each child before planning their instruction.  More on Educa for assessment here.

About Step Up To Quality

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) is a five-star quality rating and improvement system administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. To find out more about Ohio Step Up to Quality, click here.

In April, 2022 – after almost being eliminated – Step Up To Quality was revised significantly.  It was converted to continuous rating approach that does not expire. And it removed dozens of forms, including requirements to submit assessment information.

Head Start in Ohio – in Educa

The DRDP© is accepted by Head Start as assessment framework. Educa has all DRDP views integrated into its assessment rating tool.  

Ohio sites can write Learning Stories and then link to any DRDP framework, where the Learning Story serves as evidence for each linked measure, often 8-10 for one story.

More on Educa for Head Start here.

Educa for Private ECE Sites

Educa is a Learning Story platform. It represents quality practice in early childhood education – including linking to the Ohio Early Learning Assessment. 

It has the added advantage for private preschools and child care sites who may eventually join the now simpler Step Up To Quality program of being a fully-featured solution that meets most SUTQ standards.  Using Educa now in Ohio future proofs your site. 

More on Educa for preschools and child care sites here.

Find out if Educa can lighten your assessment workload

Ohio Resources 

Groundwork Ohio is an advocacy group, which played an active role in protecting Step Up To Quality and has started an annual dashboard to measure where things stand in Ohio.

This interesting Ohio overview shows that in 2021 there were ~60,000 children in SUTQ out of an estimated 450,000 children ages 2-4.

The Early Childhood Advisory Council produces these statistics on childhood education that show child care services are under provided in Ohio.

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