Assessment using Learning Stories

Assessment should be a meaningful process
that informs teaching - not just compliance.

Educa is a fully-featured Learning Story platform with linking to the ELOF, DRDP© and state frameworks. An approved DRDP© assessment vendor.

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessment in early childhood education refers to an approach that seeks to understand each child’s true nature, using careful observation, and regular and comprehensive reflection on a child’s progress.

Educa supports authentic assessment with Learning Stories, which:

  • promotes a more reflective teaching approach 
  • in an engaging format families will read and understand.

Using the DRDP
The Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) assessment instrument is designed for teachers to document and reflect on learning development and progress of children enrolled in early childhood education programs. The assessment results are intended to be used by teachers in curriculum planning.  It was designed in California, now used in many states.

Educa is an approved DRDP reporting platform for Head Start, UPK and state-funded programs.  Learning Stories written in Educa are linked as evidence for DRDP assessment. The process is:

  1. Collect images, videos, notes during your day
  2. Create Learning Stories, link to any DRDP view – Infant/Toddler or Preschool
  3. Share with families, save to child portfolios
  4. At period end, complete DRDP ratings (if not linked to a story already)
  5. Export data – PDF for families, spreadsheet for agencies.

Educa has most state frameworks available for linking. More on the DRDP here

Heart-led Learning Stories

Learning Stories let teachers describe learning as it unfolds – most often non-linear, surprising and delightful. The blank canvas gives teachers a chance their emotions about a child, and to context and detail.

One Story, many measures

Learning stories is often a culmination of observations and reflections that concern the whole child and therefore a number of measures can be connected.

Valued family keepsakes

Learning Stories are written to be read - by families, peers and children. Not only do they serve as evidence of DRDP outcomes, they are valuable keepsakes.

Data populates automatically

Your links from Learning Stories is posted automatically to your period end Ratings grid. At period end, manually update unrated measures.

DRDP© reports - Head Start, UPK

Educa is used for Head Start reporting, and for sites needing DRDP assessment data reporting. One-click export by class ready for upload to DRDP Online. And summary reports in PDF format for families.

DRDP© is valid and reliable

DRDP© has been extensively researched. Educa has embedded guides and examples to promote inter-rater reliability.

Meet DRDP reporting without distraction

Educa helps you focus on each child’s unique journey.

Connect To Each Child

Educa helps keep teacher attention on each child – observing, sharing learning stories day to day, DRDP ratings at period end only.

Refer to Prior Ratings

Everything captured in Educa stays in Educa. Ratings for prior periods are at your fingertips.


Enter center and child details once and then include in any export. More on DRDP Online and research here.

Supporting Documentation

Educa has dozens of templates – home language surveys, home routines, screenings, IEPs – or create your own.

Head Start ELOF

Educa has the HS Early Learning Outcomes Framework integrated and available for linking and parent reporting. HSELOF to DRDP Alignment here.

Oversight in Real Time

Supervisors can track teacher and child activity, ratings progress in real time.

Find out if Educa can lighten your assessment workload

Choosing the right DRDP© view

The DRDP© is accepted for Head Start, and for Universal PreK in states that accept the DRDP assessment explicitly (e.g., California) and in so-called “local decision” states where the DRDP meets most state assessment requirements.

The are three views: Comprehensive, Fundamental, and Essential views for all program types – preschool or infant/toddler.  All views are subsets of the largest view, Comprehensive.

Educa supports all DRDP views.

More on the DRDP here.