• Our Manifesto & Values

    We streamline documentation
    to keep the focus on the children.

Why We Do It: Our Manifesto

Creating more time for what matters most, the children.

Most cognitive development occurs before a child starts formal schooling. This makes the early years high stakes — critical to the development of learning dispositions and cognitive skills.

And yet, teachers tell us they have too much paperwork, too many competing distractions. It is difficult to keep the children and their potential at the center of their days. They want to reduce time spent on documentation and reporting, to have  more time for the children.

Meanwhile, parents want to know that is happening in their child’s classroom. And they want to know that the school understands their child and that it is focused on his or her developmental needs.

Owners and managers of childcare centres know their reputation depends on learning outcomes. They want teaching staff to adopt practices that make them better educators — as individuals and as a team.

Educa meets these competing needs. It is a comprehensive solution that creates clarity of purpose, focusing the action and attention of teachers, managers and parents alike on the development of each child.

We make teachers successful by saving time on documentation and giving them the tools to make informed decisions for their children. We make managers successful by providing a platform to raise standards. We make parents successful by making the learning more visible, facilitating knowledgeable engagement.

And we make each child successful by focusing attention on them. Educa helps accelerate learning when it matters most.

Our Values

Defining our culture and who we are as people.


We care deeply about our mission to save time for early educators and to make them better.  Every minute we can save matters.


We are honest, open, ethical and fair in our dealings with customers, vendors, regulators and peers.


We strive to understand our users’ needs and challenges always.


Our mindset of continuous learning and improvement helps keep us at the forefront of what’s possible.