• Why We Do This

    Helping educators make the most
    of the early years.

Our Why

A child’s hyper-receptive “developing brain” transitions to linear mode around 5-6 years of age. This makes the early years high stakes.

And yet, early childhood teachers tell us they have too much paperwork, too many competing distractions. It is difficult for them to focus on each child’s unique journey.

Meanwhile, parents want to know about their child’s day and need constant reassurance that their child is understood.

Finally, owners and managers know centre reputations depend on learning outcomes, not always easy to demonstrate in young children.

Educa’s Solution

Educa was developed to resolve these conflicting needs.

  • We make teachers successful by assembling inputs from parents and peers to feed into productive teacher-child interactions.

  • We make centres successful by helping them communicate their approach.

  • We make parents successful by making them collaborators in the learning.

Educa is proud to play a role in accelerating learning growth in the crucial early years. 

Our Values

Defining our culture and who we are as people.


We care deeply about our mission to save time for early educators and to make them better.  Every minute we can save matters.


We are honest, open, ethical and fair in our dealings with customers, vendors, regulators and peers.


We strive to understand our users’ needs and challenges always.


Our mindset of continuous learning and improvement helps keep us at the forefront of what’s possible.