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Oanaka Educare, Wanaka, New Zealand                                                         September 2016

Oanaka Educare, Wanaka, New Zealand                                                         September 2016

Caterton Preschool Using Educa 

Kerry Street Community School

The Fire Station Early Learning Centre.

Above and Beyond Learning Center.

Jacqui from Carterton Littlies on sustainability with Educa.

So easy to use, even us senior teachers are able to grasp the know-how. Educa makes it quick and easy for us to create snazzy, meaningful stories for our children, families and wider community.
— Emily Fladgate, Kerikeri Community Childcare Trust
Educa has made our preschool more connected, more efficient and more in tune with parents. Everyone loves it.
— Jane Peterson, teacher, Early Learners
Educa gives us our social media database! We can stay in touch, send quick messages out of opening hours, and learn everybody’s faces and names to build relationships between staff, children and families.
— Samantha Kelly, Sandcastles
I love that I can instantly send photos and snippets from the day to parents using Educa Touch. This saves me so much time.
— Brooke Healy, Educator, Bold Park Community School
Parents voices! These are vital to our children’s learning. Since we started using Educa we have gathered a huge amount of parent voices and parent’s feedback. It is fantastic.
— Mia Wynward, Kiwi Kids Centre
Educa makes it easy for parents to communicate with us about assessment and learning. I find they are telling us a lot more about their children’s interests at home which strengthens the learning link.
— Elise Hopkins 4 Kids and Whanau Centre
Educa is adaptable and suitable for both LDC and Family Day Care! You have me ENJOYING documentation and programming.
— Karin Eickhoff, Educator, At Home Early Education and Care