How much do you know about your child's day?

Collaborate with your child's teacher and enrich early learning. Stay connected to the classroom with Educa.


Family engagement is a significant driver of superior learning outcomes in early learning. Educa allows teachers to share curriculum and learning progress, enabling you reinforce and accelerate the learning. 

stay informed

All newsletters and field trip notices are stored on Educa. You no longer have to search through piles of paper or ask for a new copy. 


Early learning programs using Educa send updates to your phone. Invite grandparents, aunties, uncles and other extended family to join your child's Educa profile and share in their learning.


 Only you, your child's teachers and the people you invite have access to your Educa account. All content related to your child is owned by you.


See why Mum Danielle loves Educa


Educa helped me trigger conversations with my son about his day and he was excited to share his experiences with the whole family. I was also able to communicate an important milestone with his teacher through a parent story. I’m a strong believer in parents showing an interest and involvement in their child’s learning. It shows kids how important their education is and nurtures their love of learning. So thanks again for helping take Hayden’s days at the Boulevard to a new level.
— Danielle Gillard, Parent, The Boulevard ELC