Educa Media Kit

Our brand assets along with materials for editorial publishing can be found in our Media Kit below. 


Educa is an online platform that was created to bring families and educators together.


Using Educa, early childhood professionals create an online portfolio for each child where learning stories, observations and updates are shared instantly with
families. Available on both desktop and smart phones, Educa allows families to engage with their child’s learning from anywhere in the world, providing valuable feedback to educators.


Educa bridges the communication gap, strengthening relationships and promoting collaboration between those who matter most in a child’s life.


When his daughter Nancy began attending full time child care, Nathan Li felt he was missing out on some of her most exciting years of development.


As parents, we often don't see our children for the most part of the day, and it's easy to feel disconnected their life, learning and growth.


This communication gap inspired Nathan to create a tool that would bridge the gap between home and child care.


Educa was developed in 2009 by a team of educators, teachers, parents and professionals as simple and fast way to document and share learning. 

Nathan and Nancy Li


Finalist of BNZ Start-up Alley 2012 Top 3 Companies

Finalist of Fairfax Media Unlimited Investment Challenge 2011

Winner of Bright Ideas Challenges Education Category 2011

Finalist of The Wellington Gold Award Emerging Gold Category


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Legal Stuff

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