Easy to use online early education software.  

COMMUNICATION all in one place on a SECURE PLATFORM. Create a closer connection to your families around learning.

How Educa Works

Educa creates easy-to-use websites for early childhood programs -- mainly private, but with parts accessible by parents.


Teacher and child profiles are uploaded and then parents and extended family are invited to join.  


Staff and parents access Educa by computer, iPad or phone app -- most teachers use computers, most families use phones.


Directors use a messaging dashboard to communicate with their parent community and can make parts of the website accessible for parent convenience -- forms, observation check-lists, school policies, etc.


Teachers document and share activities by class, by group or by individual child in a private channel where a parent response is seen only by the teacher. Educa makes photo and video-sharing easy, making updates engaging. Documenting and sharing around learning -- it's the future of early childhood education.

Document and share learning

Teachers document activity or observations and then share instantly. They get feedback and suggest follow up ideas at home.  Teachers can also share milestones or planning.

Compelling communications

Educa makes it easy to add photos and videos that bring messages to life. Avoid being lost in an email inbox or Facebook stream. Send updates via your own channel direct to the parent's phone or computer. 

Manage privacy and permissions

Privacy of children is paramount. Educa has options around staff access to child records, and approval of outbound communications.  

Parent portal for forms, resources

Part of your Educa website can be accessible by parents.  For forms, school policies and resources for home use. This saves time and is a convenience for parents.

Teacher planning and Development resources

Educa was designed for teachers. There are tools for planning, managing children and recording reflections, training and development. 

Reports provide transparency

Monitor parent participation, child progress (versus goals) and teacher activity.  Educa provides visibility for directors and owners.


How to Get Started -- Educa Support Will Help

Educa is trusted by 200,000 educators and families around the world because it is easy to use day-to-day. And easy to set up.

The Educa dashboard.

The Educa dashboard.

We create a unique private website and then you can either add your children and teachers yourself or Educa will help. Invite your parents and they can invite other family members, specialists, etc.


Then you are ready to start sharing!


While Educa has extensive Help Resources and a live support desk, most schools are able to start on their own.  


No long-term contracts. A small per child fee, month-to-month.

The learning circle in Educa

OBSERVE: Observe what the child is doing or expressing.

RECORD: Document what is happening as well as any modifications/extensions

REFLECT: What is the child learning/developing? 

EXTEND: How can we extend this learning/new skill/idea?

QUESTION: Encourage families to provide feedback on interests, abilities, needs.

preschool lesson plans for teachers
Educa is a great way to capture learning moments, and as a teacher, it means I can reflect on the learning and come up with ideas collaboratively with family and colleagues to extend and support the development of the individual child.
— Donna Master, Teacher